Too Much Stuff in Too Little Space? Get Organized with Stuff Adjust

Reduce * Recycle * Reuse * Reorganize * Reclaim * Rearrange

Stuff Adjust is an eco-friendly professional organizing company helping you deal with your clutter while staying within your budget.

Our mission:

  • Help you reclaim your peace of mind through organizing.
  • Help reduce the amount of clutter occupying your space.
  • Refresh your space by rearranging and reusing.
  • Remove what is no longer wanted, needed or useful.
  • Promote reuse of your excess items through donation.
  • Recycle as much of your throw-aways as possible.
  • Respect you and your stuff.

We can help you de-clutter your home: kitchen, pantry, closet, bathroom, kids rooms, garage, yard, and more, or organize your office: computer, filing, paper, records, QuickBooks, etc.

* Call us at 503-740-2406 for more information *

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