Why hire an organizer?
Why is it better to hire a Professional Organizer than ask a friend or relative help?
Are you going to make me get rid of my stuff?
What types of people hire Stuff Adjust?
I am ADD (ADHD, OCD or a junior hoarder etc.) are you sure you can work with me?
What makes you different from other Professional Organizers?
So, I see that you donate and recycle — how does that process work?
Can I get a tax deduction for my donation?
How much do you charge if Stuff Adjust does not take the ‘go–aways’ and I make my own donations?
Can you tell me how long it will take to complete a project? How much will my job cost?
Once I get organized, how can I stay that way?
What are some of the most valuable or interesting items that you have found?