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Stuff can be fun. I know I love my stuff. However, like so many other things, some is fun and too much is not. This applies to so many areas of life! Food in our bellies, gnomes in our yards, and things in our homes. When we acquire too much, caring for it all quickly becomes a full time job.

There is so much involved in our relationships with stuff. We tend to be emotionally connected beyond just our hobbies, interests, and aesthetic preferences. Our stuff often represents our personal and family histories.

As we go through life, changes and events (good and bad) affect the quantity and quality of our stuff. We are often unable to keep up with the stuff around us. Eventually it tends becomes overwhelming and is hard to tackle on our own. Many of us wake up one morning, look around and say “How did this happen? What do I do now?”

Through calling in a Professional Organizer, you can move through the overwhelm, and end up with “all your ducks in a row.”

Our goals and guidelines are to:

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Life is better when we:

Know what we have,
Have what we need,
Know where it is, and
Live below our means

* There are many families in need of everyday items that you don’t need any more. These items include housewares, clothing, your old (clean) socks and even toiletries such as shampoo you don’t like. We do our best to get the right items to the right charities.

** It is amazing how much can be recycled: electrical cords, metal, and even worn-out athletic shoes!