About Amy, Professional Organizer

The one question I am asked more often than any other is “How did you become an organizer?”

Before my career as a self-employed person I had many different jobs.

    Amy Swallow, Professional organizer

  • As a bookkeeper and office manager, I learned about invoicing, paper management, banking and office procedures.
  • As a retail store manager of a gift and office store, I learned about purchasing, setting up store fixtures and displays, and learning the difference between what I liked and what other people wanted to buy.
  • As a facilities manager of a growing software company, I learned about office layouts, ergonomics, building maintenance, and how to work with contractors.
  • I did a brief stint as a picture framer. That was surprisingly hard work.

In 2002, I became self-employed and began working as a household assistant. I would do chores and projects for people whose time was better spent earning money at their jobs. These chores included yard work, home maintenance, overseeing remodeling projects, painting, booking travel, filing, and cleaning out basements and garages. I also did shopping and research for big purchases such as furniture and appliances.

I helped people moving into new homes with furniture placement and hanging art. I also did a few staging projects for people getting ready to sell their homes, and flower arrangements for occasional special events.

Even as a lifelong recycler, during this time I had to really hone my ability to reuse, recycle and donate efficiently.

If there was a problem I could not fix, I would arrange for a repair person, meet them at the house, pay for their service and provide my client one bill. It simplified their lives.

There were many jokes about what my business really was and what it should be named. One was “Amy’s Odd Jobs.” Another was “Let Amy Do It,” which was shortened to LADI.

An acquaintance, who became a long time friend, hired me to help clean up and organize her office. We took photos and got started. It was a small office, but a large project. When we finished up the next day, we took more photos. She was quite happy and invited me to attend her networking group.

At that first meeting, when she introduced me as her guest, she stood up and said “This is Amy. She is a great organizer”.
That was the moment I became a Professional Organizer! I named my business The Stuff Busters which became Stuff Adjust a few years later.

It’s not about me. It’s about how I can assist you.

Amy Swallow
Founder of Stuff Adjust
Making molehills out of mountains since 2002