We all know clothing and household goods can be donated, but there are so many more types of items accepted for donation. Many things you may see as trash can be used by someone.

At Stuff Adjust we do our best to get your donations into the hands of local people and charities where they will do the most good. Therefore we do not make “blanket” donations to just one charity. Our network of charities gets specific items to homeless veterans, those in need of emergency housing, soldiers overseas, developmentally disabled citizens, cats, and school children, to name a few.

Computers are recycled and rebuilt. Bicycles are reconditioned and fitted to children in need at Christmas time. Craft items and scraps are turned into art projects. Building materials are repurposed. Through Cell Phones for Soldiers, phones are recycled, and proceeds from the precious metals are used to purchase cell minutes for soldier overseas to phone home. These little things mean so much to people who are touched by your giveaways!

Our regular charities include:

  • Good Neighbor Center — homeless families in transition
  • CAT (Cat Adoption Team) Thrift Store — cat adoptions
  • GHM (Gung Ho Ministries) Boutique — homeless veterans
  • Value Village — the ARC of Multnomah County (developmental disabilities)
  • SCRAP — art supply reuse & community art programs
  • Re–Store — Habitat for Humanity (housing development)
  • Free Geek — refurbishing electronics, computer education workshops
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers — phone minutes for soldiers overseas
  • Community Cycling Center — bicycles for children
  • Lion’s Club — eyeglasses & hearing aids for elders in need
  • Salvation Army
  • Union Gospel Mission