Why hire an organizer?
Working with a Professional Organizer will help you get started on projects that have become too overwhelming to tackle alone. They will help you stay focused, make decisions and come up with new ideas. A good organizer will help you navigate through the sea of stuff that has build up in your space over time.
Why is it better to hire a Professional Organizer than ask a friend or relative help?
A Professional Organizer is courteous, considerate, confidential and non-judgmental. We can’t always say that about our friends and family. A Professional Organizer will never make comments about your stuff at the Thanksgiving dinner table!
Are you going to make me get rid of my stuff?
No, it’s your stuff and always your choice. We will help you look at why you have, need or want particular items. When you decide that something is no longer of use to you, we will assist by finding it a new home.
What types of people hire Stuff Adjust?
All sorts of people hire us for all sorts of reasons. We have worked with clients from 12 years old to 90 years old. We have been hired by clients in many roles, from doctors to students. Insurance agents, widows, software engineers, retiring business owners, tax accountants, small businesses, self-employed professionals, and technical writers are also in the mix.
Across all vocations, Stuff Adjust adapts organizing principles to each person’s situation, and teaches vital organizing skills. We help free people from the stuff of the past, so they can look forward to a bright future.
I am ADD (ADHD, OCD or a junior hoarder etc.) are you sure you can work with me?
Stuff Adjust works with clients with special needs such as limited mobility, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and other issues. We understand the challenges are different for everyone we have learned to tailor solutions to optimize your strengths.
Stuff Adjust provides free consultations with in 20 miles of Portland and is happy to meet with you to see if we would be a good fit.
What makes you different from other Professional Organizers?
Stuff Adjust has a commitment to its clients, community, and a healthy planet through its donation and recycling program. We work with a network of local Portland charities to allocate donations to those who need them most.
Professional Organizer Amy Swallow brings valuable knowledge to each session with over 10 years as a Professional Organizer, and 20+ years in the bookkeeping, office management, retail staging and office supplies industries. Through working with small businesses, corporate clients, and individual consumers, she has expertise in paper management, banking, office procedures, space layout, ergonomics, and tailoring systems to individuals.
So, I see that you donate and recycle — how does that process work?
While working on-site, we do the initial sorting together. We separate the ‘keepers’ (items that stay), from the ‘go–aways’ (donations) and recycling.
At the end of the day Stuff Adjust removes your ‘go–aways’ and recycling. When possible the ‘go–aways’ are dropped off for donation at the end of the day. When we have many types of donations, we bring them to our processing area to sort by charity before distributing them.
When Stuff Adjust has enough items to warrant a drop off to a particular charity, we make the donation. This maximizes efficiency, rather than dropping off one pair of glasses to the Lion’s Club or mailing two cell phones to the Cell Phones for Soldiers Program.
Can I get a tax deduction for my donation?
Stuff Adjust provides with donation receipts from each session, upon request. For an hourly fee, we can also provide itemized donation inventories for tax purposes. See our Services page for details.
How much do you charge if Stuff Adjust does not take the ‘go–aways’ and I make my own donations?
Donation removal ($150 value) is included with each session as an added benefit, whether or not you decide to utilize these services. For us it’s a labor of love, and part of the way we do business.
Can you tell me how long it will take to complete a project? How much will my job cost?
Determining how long a project will take before we start depends on many things: how much stuff and space there is, how many hours we are able to work in each session, how quickly you make decisions, and how much stuff is staying versus going, to name a few.
Keep in mind that the more items you have, the longer it takes. Your stuff didn’t accumulate overnight, and will take time to process. That said, Stuff Adjust can give you a guess-estimate on site after viewing each space.
If we work in sessions of 6 or more hours, the process becomes faster and more efficient, therefore costing less. Discount packages are available for purchases multiple sessions in advance. See our Rates for more information.
Once I get organized, how can I stay that way?
Stuff Adjust offers ongoing maintenance programs. It’s like having your auto tuned up. Doing regular maintenance allows you to stay organized, and lets us review how well things are working to adjust as needed.
What are some of the most valuable or interesting items that you have found?
We have found two wedding rings to date. The first ring was in 2007, with multiple diamonds. Yes, the clients were ecstatic! Many important documents have been found as well, such as birth certificates, wedding certificates, and educational diplomas.
Once we found a fire extinguisher in a school boy’s closet. Somehow I doubt it would have been found in the event of a kitchen fire. One gentleman had 8 colanders in his kitchen. This started one of my favorite sayings: ‘So, how many colanders do you really need?’

“When enough becomes too much, it’s time to adjust your stuff!”