How We Work


We like to learn a little about you, your stuff and your environment. When we understand how you live and what you value in life, we are able to create personal solutions that fit your situation. During this process we learn where your ‘pain’ is.Amy Swallow wearing Stuff Adjust t-shirt

Set a Goal

Goals can vary as much as stuff does.
A goal might be to clean out the garage, or to rearrange the kitchen.
Sometimes the goal is simply to get started.

Get Started

Often the question is “where do we start?” The best way to start is to jump right in. It’s like jumping into a pool, with a lifeguard on hand. We will work with you side by side, or do the work for you using your guidelines. Working together helps you to stay focused and make decisions.


At this stage we empty and sort. We put like things together, remove what we can recycle, and separate the ‘keepers’ from the ‘go-aways.’ Often we will have another category of “I don’t know yet,” which allows us to keep going and not focus too much on one item.

As we bring things out of the closet (or wherever), the process becomes a discovery event. Lost things are found. Forgotten items are remembered. But we must stay on track!

I often hear things like “I have been looking for that for months!” or “Gee, I didn’t realize I that I own 3 black jackets.”

After the initial sorting, we can see what and how much we actually have. The letting go starts to become easier.


This is where we get creative and it all comes together…

After the Discovery, we have a big mess on our hands! The next challenge is deciding how and where it will all go. It’s time to review the newly opened space. Does it need rearranging? Will it be just fine with less stuff? What is available that we can use to organize it better? Do we need to shop for new items?

With those questions answered, we begin to reassemble. We make the final choices as to what will stay. What remains should be items you love, things you need, and things you use.

In the end, you will have a newly organized space, and all donations and recycling are taken away.